Dispose of and process your IT equipment in a safe and responsible manner.

The perfect complement to your CSR policy!

ITdonations is an independent foundation which disposes of IT equipment, mobile phones, PDAs and smartphones sustainably and responsibly. All the proceeds go to a chosen charity. Generate value to help others.

Disposing of your IT equipment via ITdonations is completely safe thanks to our guaranteed data erasure certificates.

Circular use of donated hardware, good for the environment

By donating working IT equipment, you also contribute to a more sustainable economy. IT equipment that is repurposed provides significant savings on our scarce resources!

A partnership with ITdonations perfectly complements your CSR policy and contributes to the social and environmentally-responsible image of your company. ITdonations operates internationally and is not limited to only collecting equipment in the Netherlands.

Show that you really care about SCR!

By donating the residual value of your depreciated business IT equipment to charity, you give substance to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a simple and accessible way.

Show it! Communicate your CSR donation to your relations and employees. This way, you can show them that you do business in a socially responsible way and give back to society.

"Inspire your community and who knows, this might lead to great new CSR initiatives!"

ANWB donates IT equipment
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How can you be successful with corporate social responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is among other things good for the company's image. Brand loyalty increases and the company is seen as more credible.

Just make sure the CSR initiative is genuine. Don't do it because you only want publicity or a better image as a company. Do it because you genuinely want to do something good for society. 

CSR and charities determine employer attractiveness

Jobseekers are more likely to choose a company that can demonstrate making a positive contribution to our society. Increasingly, corporate social responsibility is an important criterion when choosing an employer.

Companies that demonstrate their commitment to our society are more attractive to top talent and can retain their employees longer.

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Why let us take your old IT equipment off your hands?

Written-off and used IT equipment may not seem very valuable to you. Yet this equipment often imperceptibly takes up valuable space in your data centre, office, or warehouse, and it still contains business-sensitive information. 

It gets in your way for months, its value diminishes and it poses a security risk.

Yet your old hardware can still provide an attractive residual value for a charity of your choice and it's a great CSR initiative!

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Why ITdonations?

  • Clear and transparent disposal/processing
  • ANBI status, no revenue model
  • Secure data disposal + certificate (Blancco)
  • Old IT equipment is reused as much as possible (circular!)
  • AVG/GDPR compliant, greatly reduced risk of data leaks
  • Asset registration
  • Additional control and CMDB support
  • ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and NEN 7510 certified

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