Dispose of and process your IT equipment in a safe and responsible manner.

The perfect complement to your CSR policy!

ITdonations is an independent foundation which disposes of IT equipment, mobile phones, PDAs and smartphones sustainably and responsibly. All the proceeds go to a chosen charity. Generate value to help others.

Disposing of your IT equipment via ITdonations is completely safe thanks to our guaranteed data erasure certificates.

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A partnership with ITdonations perfectly complements your CSR policy and contributes to the social and environmentally-responsible image of your company. ITdonations operates internationally and is not limited to only collecting equipment in the Netherlands.

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Why let us take your old IT equipment off your hands?

Structured removal removes the burden from the entire IT department and helps you achieve a higher return. We provide support in the field of logistical IT services, the structured disposal of old IT equipment and, of course, our professional data erasure service.

Why ITdonations?

  • Free transportation > € 2.000 (excl. VAT)
  • Clear and transparent disposal/processing
  • Theft prevention
  • Data disposal certificate (Blancco)
  • Flexible (in all respects)
  • Temporary free storage
  • Free disposal of IT equipment that is not of any value (CRT/cables etc.)
  • Asset registration
  • Additional control and CMDB support

Do you have some questions or is something not clear? Call us on 030-248 40 04 or send an email to info@itdonations.nl