About us

The ITdonations Foundation is an initiative of Gerard Aldus, director/DGA of NEG-Group. In his daily practice he saw that more and more companies and organizations were having problems with the safe and responsible disposal of depreciated IT equipment. At the same time, he had a great desire to do business in a way that is also valuable for society. In 2007, this led to the foundation of the ITdonations Foundation. 

An important principle of the foundation is that it creates value in several areas. Of course for a good cause, which is supported by a donation. But at ITdonations, donating means more than just making a contribution. Companies are also assured that their equipment is disposed of in a 100% safe and sustainable manner. 

Making CSR easier

The ITdonations Foundation also makes it easier for companies and organizations to act in a socially responsible manner. And that in a way that also optimizes your own business operations. 

"There is a lot involved in replacing large amounts of hardware within a company," says Gerard Aldus. "We have all the expertise in-house to facilitate this in a safe and efficient way. A method that benefits both the company and the charity." 

Donated more than 3 million already

The ITdonations approach is one that is widely appreciated in the business world. Companies and organizations such as TomTom, Rituals and FrieslandCampina choose ITdonations as the party to which they entrust the disposal of their IT equipment. In addition, they can donate to a charity of their own choice. 

Initiatives such as KiKa, War Child, Johan Cruyff Foundation and ALS Foundation already receive donations via ITdonations. In total, more than 3 million euros have already been donated in this way. In 2020 ITdonations was able to donate the fantastic amount of almost € 160,000 to many charities!

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Part of Circular IT group

ITdonations has been part of Circular IT group since 2022. Together with the other companies within the group, we are committed to Circular IT. The group offers Circular IT solutions aimed at extending the lifespan of IT assets and thus minimising the negative impact of the IT value chain on the environment and resource use.

Why ITdonations?

  • Clear and transparent disposal/processing
  • Theft prevention
  • Data disposal certificate (Blancco)
  • Flexible (in all respects)
  • Makes CSR easier
  • Free disposal of IT equipment that is not of any value (CRT/cables etc.)
  • Asset registration
  • Additional control and CMDB support

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