Donate the residual value of your IT equipment to charity!

Time to replace your IT equipment? ITdonations will take all your old IT equipment off your hands and donate the residual value to your chosen charity!

100% secure data erasure 

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How it works:

Intake interview by telephone or in person
We drop by for an intake interview, during which we discuss issues such as procedures, registration, reporting and value appraisal. These arrangements are laid down in a donation agreement and a procedure for the removal and donation of hardware. We also help you find a charity.
In accordance with the agreements made, we pick up the ICT equipment, register all assets, erase the data and all customer characteristics, build up a history and take care of the further processing of your equipment.
Reporting and certificates
You will receive a report from us, in which you can see exactly which equipment was handed in, and its status and value. You can use this report for your own administration. You will also receive the data erasure certificates. These certificates are free of charge upon donation of the final amount to your chosen charity.
After the value appraisal, you will give your approval as to whether or not the amount can be transferred to your chosen charity. If you do not agree with it, we will return the equipment to you. The transport costs incurred will be charged.
Payment to your charity
ITdonations will take care of the payment to your chosen charity. You will receive the confirmation of receipt from the charity and the publication possibilities will be discussed with you.

For many years, ITdonations has been able to donate more than € 1.7 million to over 175 charities - all thanks to the large number of companies that are involved!

Veilig de restwaarde van uw hardware doneren

Veiligheid is essentieel bij het afvoeren van uw hardware. Daarom garanderen wij 100% veilige verwijdering van uw IT-apparatuur en alle data. Dit doen we met behulp van Blancco software. Dit is een gecertificeerde methode met een aantal voordelen:

  • • AVG/GDPR compliant
  • • Rapportage en certificaten
  • • Goedgekeurd door de AIVD
  • • Procedure tegen datalekken
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5.0 sterren - gebaseerd op 1 TrustPilot beoordeling
Ravenswade 150G 3439 LD Nieuwegein, Nederland
customer service +31302484004