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We are so proud

We are so proud
ITdonations- Bedrijf Oude telefoons Wegenwacht leveren Stichting ALS € 5.000 op ITdonations - Goede doel

It's a double party with us! The ITdonations Foundation has been in existence for 10 years and has also received the fantastic amount of € 2,000,000 in donations. (reached) After building our foundation for 10 years, we have become the largest foundation in Europe for the disposal and donation of written-off IT equipment. Hundreds of companies have been working with us for years and are donating their written-off IT equipment to their chosen charities. The charities have already been able to do many good things with these donations. We will of course continue and focus on the following goal: € 3,000,000 in donations. Thank you for the confidence and cooperation of the past years. On to the € 3,000,000

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