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Aegon shares out super-sum via poll

Aegon shares out super-sum via poll
Aegon- Bedrijf Oude telefoons Wegenwacht leveren Stichting ALS € 5.000 op VUmc alzheimercentrum - Goede doel

Aegon has made a special donation via the ITdonations Foundation. The insurance company, which gives high priority to CSR, allowed its employees to decide via a poll which of the three charities they proposed should receive the highest amount. By voting, people were able to show which charity appealed to them most. They could choose from the Disabled Sports Fund, the VUMC Alzheimer’s Centre and LEF. Aegon explains: ‘In principle, all our hardware (laptops, Blackberries, mobile telephones, etc) is returned to the supplier at the end of the lease contract. But it is not always possible to return the hardware before the end of the lease period. In that case, we deploy organisations such as ITdonations. They determine the residual value of the equipment and ensure that the proceeds are transferred to one or more charities that we specify.’

Choice of charities

Aegon donates a substantial amount each year to all three charities that participated in the poll. The VUMC Alzheimer’s Centre was set up in order to raise more funds for research into Alzheimer’s. The cause of this terrible disease is still unknown. The Disabled Sports Fund makes it possible for the disabled to participate in sport on a structural basis, something that gives them great pleasure. Aegon also sponsors LEF, a programme that helps young people understand what money can mean and provides a greater insight into money and personal behaviour. Aegon made a sum of €21,390 available for the poll. The VUMC Alzheimer’s Centre ultimately won the highest number of votes and receives 60% of the proceeds of the equipment that has been written off. The Disabled Sports Fund receives 25% and LEF 15%. The ITdonations Foundation values the partnership with Aegon enormously and is happy to be able to donate nice sums to these charities on Aegon’s behalf. Thank you Aegon!

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