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Ambulance Wish Foundation receives valuable cheque

Ambulance Wish Foundation receives valuable cheque
Laurens- Bedrijf Oude telefoons Wegenwacht leveren Stichting ALS € 5.000 op Stichting Ambulance Wens - Goede doel

On Monday, 19 May, Kees Veldboer, director of the Ambulance Wish Foundation, received a cheque for €16,448. This cheque was presented to him by Bas Schoones (Laurens) and Claudia Vink (ITdonations). The amount was raised by the Laurens care organisation and the ITdonations Foundation. In 2013, Laurens had to replace many computers and peripheral devices. But then what do you do with the old equipment? Throw it away? That’s a waste. That is why Laurens decided to have everything collected by the ITdonations Foundation. This independent foundation removed the old, written-off ICT equipment for Laurens in a sustainable and responsible manner. The equipment raised €16,448 and Laurens could choose the charity to which this money would be donated. Laurens chose the Ambulance Wish Foundation, which will buy three new stretchers with the donation.

The Netherlands Ambulance Wish Foundation was a perfect match for our CSR policy

The Netherlands Ambulance Wish Foundation is a group of 200 medically trained volunteers who each day fulfil the last wishes of non-mobile terminal patients with the aid of ambulances developed especially for that purpose. These ambulances are designed to enable patients to see the outside world through shaded windows from inside the ambulance. A stretcher is also present, with a special mattress, so that the patient can be transported very comfortably. The Netherlands Ambulance Wish Foundation exists partly thanks to the gifts of donors and the input of many volunteers. Every wish is welcome; big or small and for every age.

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